Monday, January 13, 2014

Adventures in Minecraft Worlds

I tried playing some of the Minecraft EDU  worlds this weekend.  I was totally lost in Mathlandia.  There really aren't any instructions.  So I tried decimal island - that one was better - a few instructions and you can get the worksheets to fill out too.  However, I could never get into the store to buy the equipment to do the math. It has a huge treehouse that has a signs of all the items and prices for each, but that's it in the treehouse. I found another building which looked like it should be the store - with iron doors. It looked like the steel plates should be active, but I couldn't make them work.  There were no levers or stones to activate the doors. Those 2 were included in the new build  (1.7)

I then tried downloading Path to Percentages world from world templates. That was going pretty good.  This web site at least explains sort of what's going on.  My husband says I'm missing the point of the game - to discover what to do.  But as a teacher, I don't have hours to play to figure out what to do.  I guess I need some kids to play these worlds to figure out what to do.  

If we create worlds, I think we should create a 'cheat sheet' for the teachers to use to know where the things are in the world to help the kids who are newbies like me or for our training of the teachers.  They won't use this if they or the students are lost and they can't do an activity.  For example - I couldn't find chests to open to get food, so I drowned on Decimal Island.

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