Monday, January 13, 2014

Lesson Time

Update on the world investigation.  Ryan (my tech aide) was just here and got him to help me figure things out.  He played with Decimal Island and in a matter of a few minutes he was in the store.  (See I knew it would take a kid )

When asked how he got in, he broke down the door. (of course - I think I follow too many rules!)   Once in, there were little slots divided by glass panes with holes in the floor of each section.  There were signs above each one.  It was like a multiple choice question with the answers above.  If he jumped in the correct hole, it told him the gave the correct answer and gave him chicken.  If he j umped in a wrong hole, it told him he was incorrect and gave him rotten flesh.   (will work for food )  You have to play this in survival mode so you have health and get food.

Then he showed me how to use command blocks to create such a device.  There is much potential with this.  A semi-programming tool to create if,then situations.

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