Thursday, February 13, 2014

Load Testing 2

The past few days have been very insightful.  Yesterday one of the math teachers brought in classes to see how many students we could put on the system.  We had 23 people on Tutorial World and had no issues with playing.   Our goal is 32 people.  Not only was the testing successful, but the reaction of the students to using Minecraft in the classroom were exciting. Some had never played before, so using the tutorial turned out to be a wise decision.

Day 2 - One brave advisory class came in to test.  Two classes were supposed to come so we could fill the room, but that didn't happen this time.  This turned out to be a stress-test on the server.  I opened them to creative mode and little by little turned on every feature.  We were totally pegging the system with survival mode on and the system was complaining.  It didn't lag during play though.  It may be time to move to the virtual server.  With upcoming projects to build, we will need power for everyone to complete their projects.

The last test has been a full load - 32 in creative mode on a random seed - "Texas".  We only made it to 22.  The rest could not connect.  Now it's time for a bigger server.

For all classes involved, there was a resounding "When can we come back? During advisory?  Can we stay for lunch?  How about after school? This was fun!".  They were already talking about ways to use it for projects.  That's what I call successful.

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