Thursday, February 20, 2014


The build on the school is well underway and floor 1 is complete. 

Some broke into another team to build a welcome center.  The welcome center is similar to the tutorial where kids will learn to navigate through MC. They learn to swim in a nearby pool.

And I like that they want to add public transportation!  They have added a rail line between the welcome center and the school.

Project number 2 is from our first brave teacher.  The digestive system project is being crafted by a team of 4 hard-working young men. They are spending extra hours on this project.  

They are creating a scavenger hunt tour where students will have to find parts in the world that are either missing or in the wrong place of the system.   The rest of the students will 'play' their creation along with reflecting on the process - if they make it past the chomping teeth.

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