Monday, June 16, 2014

Minecraft Camp for Teachers

Several teachers from my campus took an afternoon to learn about MinecraftEdu. We began by looking at some projects our students had created as well as looking at other student creations on the Internet. Teachers had a sense of what could be created. They then delved into our very own tutorial world where they learned how to navigate and build in the virtual world. Pretty soon, they were pretty competent in walking, jumping, swimming flying and simple building.  I decided to keep things in creative mode for this initial dive. For the most part, the teachers wouldn't initially need mining or crafting skills, but we did go over terminology such as 'griefing', 'mods', and 'NPCs' so they would what students would be referring to.

They learned how the Edu panel works - how to freeze students, mute them and most importantly how to transport them to another location if they get stuck. 

Then it was time for a trip around the world with the World of Humanities. There, they interacted with NPCs and went on quests into virtual versions of human culture - from Greece to Mesopotamia to MesoAmerica and beyond.

They explored a couple of worlds from the MinecraftEdu World Library pertaining to math and science. 

As they left camp, they all had ideas of using it in their own classrooms for next year and could see how the students could really benefit from using it. I can't wait to see what we do with this tool next year.

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