Monday, June 16, 2014

Spanish Villages and Villagers

Mrs. Garcia had visited the science classes creating body systems using Minecraft and was curious to use it for her Spanish classes.  So we talked about options and she came up with a project!  Seventh grade students had been learning family & party vocabulary. She decided to have them create a dwelling, then populate with several NPCs.  Each NPC would 'speak' a Spanish phrase telling who they were in relationship to the party person. 

We learned several things from this project.  First they spent one class period focused on creating dwellings.  Since all classes were using one world, each class had to build in a particular area.  A mayor of the class village was elected to determine an appropriate building site for the class.  

Day 2 was putting in the translations. Most students had written the phrases to be said on paper. Students first tried creating the NPCs and typing the phrases directly in MC, but the special characters were not available. We found it easier to type the phrases in Word where it was easy for them to insert the special Spanish characters, and then copy them into MC. 

When all phrases were created, it was time to create the NPCs. I found 
they had to be in 'teacher mode' to accomplish this. I changed the teacher password temporarily for this to happen and we carefully monitored students so they would not abuse this power.  

They had such fun creating characters to look like all sorts of things and it was easy to add the conversation. 

At the end of day 3, they had finished the project.  Mrs. Garcia then took the students back to the classroom where they presented their fiestas to the group.

That's only half the story.  Now Mrs. Garcia had come up with a plan for the 8th graders - the second year Spanish students. This project involved creating Spanish villages. Certain city buildings were required to be built (to match vocabulary) 

Again, a mayor was selected from each class to select a proper building area. The students then created their community buildings - some were very elaborate. 

Then they used the sign feature to label their dwellings and their contents. After 3 days of building, students presented their work to their fellow villagers.

 How about the view from this hospital?
Beautiful gardens and libraries in the cities.

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