Thursday, April 30, 2015

So many little time

Minecraft season started two weeks ago - right after the major state testing was completed. every day now, students have been coming to the lab for various Minecraft Projects. In the past two weeks, every seventh grader came to the lab to build a virtual body system. They have been simply amazing; even more outstanding than the products from last year.  A post highlighting some of the builds is coming soon. 

Meanwhile, a couple of 8th graders (Ramsey and Kathy) from Mr. Waghorne's class have been working on building the Union and Confederate armies along with some of the classic environments and buildings from that time period. We love the NPC mod. I'm sure I'll be highlighting that build next week when they finish.  Well, word spread and Mr. Fletcher's classes want to build Civil War worlds too. 

Next week we'll have a visit from our future 6th graders. A team of 3 have been working on virtual Canyon Vista for the past couple of years for only 30 minutes a day - when they can - during their advisory periods.  We will be showing that video to them when they visit the school next week.