Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Ooh-la-la! French Chalets!

A great welcome to our French teacher, Madame Mattioli for giving Minecraft a chance in her 2nd year French classrooms this year. She saw the successes that our Spanish teachers had using this tool, and eagerly signed-on to use it. 

Students created French chalets in an alpine environment, then labeled various rooms and items in French to support the vocabulary they had been learning.

The final piece was to give a tour of the house in French. The rest of the class took notes and then gave constructive reviews of the building and described what they liked best about the rooms. All dialogue was conducted in French.  

As an extra incentive to build a formidable maison, each class held a contest. They voted on the best house and yours truly volunteered to print them on our new 3D printer.  Here are the winning designs and one of the artists.